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Hypnotic Meditations: Trances for MP3 Downloads

Are you intrigued about the documented benefits of meditation? Does the possibility of overcoming unconscious obstacles make self-hypnosis appealing to you? Do you believe you could benefit from some centering, disciplined practice but somehow can't seem to make the time?

You're not alone.

For the past ten years, I have been examining the neuroscience of meditation, hypnosis and brain entrainment, carefully crafting recordings that include updated and essential tools to efficiently change the brain...and still be "user friendly."

The result? A library of brief and portable MP3s that combine the best of hypnosis and meditation that are as close as your mp3 player (you might have one on your cell phone). Unlike other programs that offer formulaic instructions which may or may not fit for you, these recordings encourage you to intuitively choose your own path and pace, creating a unique, individual experience appropriate only for you. With every repetition, you effortlessly learn to adjust your brain state while accessing a powerful tool of creativity and change: your unconscious mind. Using hypnotic meditations to challenge habitual viewpoints and unwanted behaviors is an economical and efficient way to make physical, mental, and even spiritual changes.

Our satisfied clients consistently reported these advantages to using our MP3s:

  • they are portable, brief--can be used anywhere, anytime.
  • they are designed to interact with your personal life events, so a single trance can be almost endlessly replayed with different results.
  • they are especially powerful in conjunction with most forms of mind/body work, such as: individual/group therapy or counseling; body work; energy medicine; 12 step programs; meditation of all types; yoga; tai chi; chi gung; and aikido to list just a few.
  • they are focused peak performance tool (for physical/sports, occupation academics, etc).
  • they are potent adjuncts for most diet, smoking cessation or other habit management. programs

In time, the list of selections will grow and I foresee offering modules and protocols that will help you target and transform yourself in ways that feel uniquely yours.

My sincere wish is, that in time, the trances will inspire you to listen regularly - and in so doing, naturally discover the benefits of this centering, disciplined practice.


Understanding the differences in Regular, Enhanced and Dual Integration/Double Induction Recordings

Each trance recording is available in regular or enhanced versions. The regular versions contain the trances spoken over gentle, relaxing music.

The enhanced recordings add binaural beats, known to entrain the brain to specific beneficial frequencies. These binaural beats are experienced as soft fluttering sounds in the background. They are individually designed to produce brain wave states such as alpha and theta, that enhance the specific pace and intention of the meditation.

Recordings that are labelled "DI" (for Dual integration or Double Induction) contain two separate trances, playing simultaneously, one for the each ear. They are combined so that each trance uniquely complements the other. Some experienced meditators consider these trances to be the most enjoyable and powerful in the series: they often result in the deepest and most profound experiences. For beginners, the initial effect may be a bit disquieting; but that diminishes with repetition. The strategic overload of information coaxes the conscious mind to surrender into the deeper kind of multi-leveled processing that characterizes the unconscious mind.

For maximum benefit, headphones are recommended for enhanced and dual integration trances.

We strongly recommend that you make "Sanctuary" your first purchase.

"Sanctuary" is the first recording in the series and offers the groundwork for all the meditative trances that follow. It contains the “how to’s” of hypnotic meditation. “Sanctuary” educates and reassures those with concerns about trance. If you are a beginner, especially to hypnosis, this selection is an excellent, low cost way to discover if these recordings suit you.


Listen to our free version of Sanctuary

(Although the free version of Sanctuary is abbreviated, it is nonetheless a complete hypnotic meditation. It's the foundation of our entire series of trances. We encourage you to put aside your multitasking and just listen. Take a break, lose some stress and evolve your mind.)

We do not intend our products or services to replace those of a licensed medical or mental health professional. We encourage you to consult your physician or psychotherapist prior to beginning any of our programs.

Mp3 Hypnosis Recordings
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Sanctuary: The First Step: Hypnosis for Relieving Stress mp3

(Listen Now)
Dream Being: Creative Hypnosis for Accessing Inner Wisdom mp3
Dream Being

Grow Back To What You Know: Meditative Hypnosis for Simplifying Your Life mp3
Grow Back To What You Know
Not Quite Yet Transformational Hypnosis for Creating Your Future mp3
Not Quite Yet

Grow Back...Curiosity Double Induction mp3
Grow Back...Curiosity Double Induction

Your Nature: A Simple Meditation for Sleep mp3
Your Nature: A Simple Meditation for Sleep

Why Not Now Double Induction mp3
Why Not Now Double Induction

Rehearse Your Perfections (Enhanced) mp3
Rehearse Your Perfections (Enhanced)